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Product image 2Simply Shelf Essential Oil Holders
Product image 3Simply Shelf Essential Oil Holders
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Simply Shelf Essential Oil Holders

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Essential Oil Storage by Simply Shelf

Keep your favorite oils organized and accessible with our unique essential oil storage system.

  • Displays oils at perfect label-viewing angle for easy access.
  • Modular and expandable to fit virtually any space from small night stands to large drawers.
  • Ideal for displaying your favorite oils at classes + events.
  • Protects household surfaces from corrosive oils.
  • Compact and lightweight for travel.

Each Simply Shelf organizer holds 5 bottles and can be used independently -or- in conjunction with additional Simply Shelf organizers. Ideal for: 5mL, 10mL and 15mL essential oil vials.  (packed in 3pc bundles for your convenience)


Meet Shelf. The accessory every oil enthusiast should have. Simply Shelf makes your oil lifestyle better in three primary ways: Keeps your oils stored and accessible in almost any space, Organizes your oils at the perfect viewing angle for easy label reading, and provides the unique solution for displaying your oils at your next class, event or consultation.


It’s time to graduate from the space-hogging essential oil storage chest to the space-saving Simply Shelf. Each Simply Shelf organizer holds 5 oil bottles and can connect to additional Simply Shelf storage racks. Thanks to it’s flexible design, Simply Shelf fits almost any space and in all the places you use your oils most (tabletops, desks, small/large drawers, nightstands, etc…)


Simply Shelf makes oil organization painless and practical. Viewing and reading bottle labels is key when organizing your oils throughout your home or workplace. The unique design of Simply Shelf allows you to not only store your oils, but also to quickly identify and access oils for daily use. Even when pesky lid labels fail, Shelf keeps your oils organized and accessible.


For most of you, essential oils aren’t just part of your lifestyle, they’re part of your livelihood. Sharing oils might even be a daily activity for you at the clinic, the office, a boutique, a trade show, or even in your home. Shelf makes displaying and sharing oils easier than ever. Don’t hide your oils in a box, show them off with Simply Shelf.

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